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We handle every painstaking detail of port call-related disbursement accounts, over 140,000 times a year.

We are port cost management specialists.


The disbursement account process is time-consuming, paperwork-intensive and fraught with regulatory issues.

That’s why the world’s leading shipping companies and trading houses look to us for operational efficiencies, cost savings, and a sophisticated understanding of compliance issues.

Make savings your next port of call.

Why DA-Desk?

You free up valuable time, by leaving non-core tasks to us

You gain insights and improve decision-making through our data analytics

You have greater buying power through our volume aggregation

You optimize your operations through our advanced, actionable benchmarks


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Disclaimer: DA-Desk does not render legal, financial or other professional advice.

DA-Desk is fully independent, with no financial connection to port suppliers, port agents or shipping companies.